Educate Together Schools

Educate Together Schools are governed in the same way as other schools in Ireland. We follow the same national curriculum and are funded in the same way too. We are bound by the rules for primary schools and receive most of our governance updates through Department of Education circulars. In our school, we believe that ethos is an atmosphere. We like to make sure that our school is a happy place to be as a child, a parent, a staff member or a visitor. Everyone is encouraged to be their true self and is accepted and cherished for who they are. Children do not wear uniforms and all adults and children use first names.

Some people think that Educate Together schools are schools that don’t recognize religion. That is not the case! Educate Together schools respect all faiths and none and aim to teach the community about different ways of life so that we can all understand each other and live in harmony. Through our Learn Together Ethical Education Programme, children learn about Justice and Equality, Morality and Spirituality and Ethics and the Environment as well as Belief Systems. Overall, we aim, in every interaction to be kind and caring and support each other. We use phrases like “Assume honourable intentions” to remind ourselves that most people act in good faith each day and we should try not to jump to conclusions. We also practice ‘Unconditional Positive Regard’ for each other.