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Learn Together To Live Together

Key Principles
The Multi-denominational Principle: All children have equal right of access
to Educate Together schools. Children of all social and cultural groups and of
all religious and non-religious backgrounds are equally respected.

The Co-education Principle: All children are encouraged to fulfil their potential
in a school setting that is committed to equal opportunities for girls and boys.

The Child-centred Principle: The schools promote a child-centred approach
to the curriculum in which the teacher guides and facilitates the child’s learning
through both formal and informal methods, while encouraging the child to
be an active participant in his/her learning. Each child’s individual needs are
considered and he/she is encouraged to learn at an appropriate pace.
There is a constant striving for excellence in all areas of school life.

The Democratic Principle: School Patrons and Boards are committed to working
in such a way as to embrace the input of parents, teachers, supporters and
children and to enable the highest level of participation and partnership
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