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Covid- 19 Information Page:

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suggested Activities and Resources 

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A Chairde,

We hope everyone is safe and well during these uncertain times.

For now, the team at Grace Park ETNS thought it would be a good idea to start a collection of suggested resources/activities and to store them in one easy accessible place. We have noticed that there is an over whelming amount of information available and it can be hard to keep up! Our advice to you is this - Keep it simple.


If your home environment allows for you and your children to do some suggested activities, great! If it does not, do not feel under any pressure to do them. They are here if you want them! We ask that you simply enjoy the time that you spend with your family, however that looks for you. This is a lovely opportunity to bring it back to basics and simply enjoy each others company. Families can be so busy, so we ask that you try to embrace the peace and slow pace of life that these measures have allowed us.  


As the Great Albus Dumbledore once said,


"Happiness can be found in even the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light".

- Caroline & The Grace Park ETNS Team

Tusla have provided the following information:

This is a link from a US colleague which is being continually updated with resources:


Here are some of the managing stress / anxiety / mental health links within it:


In regards to families who are being triggered by the fear of another death of a loved one, our service is open / contactable by phone / email and we are working on offering Skype sessions.


Here is our Helpline:      01 473 2110

Play Therapist,Amy Fogarty was on NEAR FM with some practical advice on how to manage children's anxiety during the Covid-19 pandemic, link below.

Dublin City Response Forum 

Click the PDF on the right for more information

The following is some updated information from Barnardos: 

The icon on the right (word .doc) is a copy of the new (02/04/20) Barnardos National Parent Support Service Response to Covid-19 Pandemic.


This service will be staffed by Barnardos project workers who are trained professionals in the areas family support and social care.


Through the dedicated telephone and email support service Barnardos staff can provide support and advice to parents on the following issues:


•             How to talk to your children about the corona virus

•             Setting a good routine

•             Managing children’s behaviours and sibling dynamics

•             Managing aggression and family discord

•             Home schooling/managing school expectations.

•             Fostering natural learning opportunities in the home

•             Healthy eating

•            Accessing fun and educational activities for families and individual      children

•             Managing your child’s worries 

•             Self-care for parents

•             Helping parents manage their own worries and anxieties

•             Managing children’s online activity


Barnardos also provides specialist services and support in relation to bereavement, adoption and fostering.


You can make contact with this service by phoning 1800 910 123 between 10.00am and 2.00pm Monday to Friday or by emailing

The Following are non screen related activities: 

Suggested links to various resources and activities :

General Websites: 

 The Ark @ Home is a way for children who are        home from school to connect with The Ark through at series of at-home arts activities, virtual events, online screenings of live performances and much more.

  • Any school books we have are published by Folens. They have an online portal which they have opened for parents & children during these few months. 

  1. Go to and click register

  2. Select Teacher

  3. Fill in a username, email and password

  4. For Roll Number use the code:  Prim20


  • A free audiobook from popular author David Walliams. 

  • - Physical literacy

  • Reading:

  • This site covers phonics, dolch, Jolly Phonics including tricky word lists and practice reading sentences following the Spellbound order of words and more.

  • Oxford Owl has an ebook library with over 250 books in it and offers free access to teachers and parents once you create an account at They also have some vocabulary and comprehension activities for most of the books.

  • If you or your child/children or parent/s are a member of the local library, you can access an App or website called BorrowBox. It is free. I use it for audio books and also, ebook. There is a children's section.                                            Notes: To register, you need your library card which has your membership number on the back.

  • Reading Eggs makes learning to read interesting and engaging for kids, with great online reading games and activities.


  • Symbaloo - Online Gaeilge resources


Léitheoireacht (Reading) 

Gaeilge ó bhéal (Oral Language) 








The Arts:

  1. Will Sliney coaches drawing of marvel characters

  2. Art for kids hub coaches simple drawings

  3. Draw so cute coaches drawing simple cartoons

  4. Use your hand as a template for drawing simple pictures- 10 ideas

  5. Craft ideas using materials in the home

Body & Mind:

Ethical Education(Learn Together): 

Covid 19 Resources:

Flower & Leaf pressings
Mindful Breathing
Rock painting 

Child Friendly resources to prepare for going to a Covid 19 test centre (Click pdf icons below)

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