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School Calendar

School opens Tuesday 29th August 2023 @ 8.30am 


Autumn Break:     Close Friday 27th October 2023 @ 1:10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                Re-Open Monday 06th  November 2023 @ 8.30am 

Winter Break:        Close Friday 22nd December 2023 @11:30am (Half Day) 

                                Re-Open Monday 08th January 2024 @ 8.30am 


February Bank Holiday:    Close Friday 02nd February 2024 @ 1.10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                              Re-open Tuesday 06th February 2024 @ 8.30am 

February Mid-Term:           Close Wed 14th February 2024 @ 1.10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                               Re-open Monday 19th February 2024 @ 8.30am 

St. Patrick’s Day:      Close Friday 15th March 2024 @ 1.10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                   Re-open Tuesday 19th March 2024 @ 8.30am 

Spring Break:            Close Friday 22nd March 2024 @ 11:30am (Half Day) 

                                    Re-Open Monday 8th April 2024 @ 8.30am 

May Bank Holiday:   Close Wed 1st May 2024 @ 1.10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                     Re-open Wednesday 8th May 2024 @ 8.30am 

June Bank Holiday:   Close Thursday 30th May 2024 @ 1.10pm/2:10pm (Full Day) 

                                     Re-open Tuesday 4th June 2024 @ 8.30am 

Summer Holidays:    Close Wednesday 26th  June 2024 @11:30am (Half Day)

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