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No Child is an outsider at Grace Park Educate Together National School

Mission Statement

Grace Park ETNS is an Educate Together School, run in accordance with the Rules for Primary Schools of the Department of Education and Science.  We at Grace Park ET, seek to provide an environment that is child-centred, co-educational, equality-based and democratically run.  Our mission is to educate our pupils to their fullest potential while enhancing their self-esteem and creativity.  All pupils are treated as individuals and their uniqueness is celebrated.  All members of our school community are encouraged to respect themselves and others and we aspire to provide our children with the life skills necessary to become the best they can be.

What a Child can expect;

  • A safe and caring place to come and learn.

  • Support and opportunities to develop life skills that will help them to engage with further education and personal development throughout their lives.

  • Lots of chances to take part in activities such as sports, music, art and drama.

  • A place where all children are listened to and treated fairly and equally.


What a Parent can expect;

  • Respect for the beliefs and culture of all children.

  • A high standard of teaching with an ongoing focus on self- evaluation and development within the school.

  • Good communication between school and home.

  • An encouraging atmosphere for parents to become involved in the life of the school.

What Teachers and other staff members can expect;

  • A well-equipped teaching environment.

  • Respect and regard for teachers’ professional training and experience.

  • Support and encouragement for ongoing training and professional development.

  • An environment where teachers and other staff members collaborate effectively together.



What our Patron can expect;

  • Respect and regard for all belief systems and none.

  • Boys and girls learning together.

  • Learning centred on children’s needs and talents.

  • Democratic input from all members of the school community.

  • A school dedicated to producing well-educated and well-balanced graduates who are good ambassadors for the Educate Together Ethos.

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