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School Policies

There are three kind of policies in the school:

  • Mandatory Policies

  • Administrative Polices

  • Curricular Policies

Each policy is developed in line with current research and good practice guidelines. Some policies are developed by the staff, and some have input from the children and the parent body. All policies are ratified by the Board of Management . See more about the Board of Management here. 

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Mandatory Policies

Mandatory Policies are policies that every school should have. They are in place to protect the right of every child, staff member and parent. 

Administrative Policies

Administrative Policies outline the way in which systems work in the school.


Curricular Policies

 Curricular policies describe what and how we teach each subject area.


Did you know?

Our school building has been entered into a competition for an architectural design award because it is so beautiful and cleverly designed!

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