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Learning about our school environment

We have been very busy bees this week in Junior Infants. We started our week with a mindful walk and took note of the school environment. This helped us when it came to drawing our school maps!

During morning play we have been working hard on our names and building planes for use in our small world town. We have been taking care of our baby in the home corner, making sure to serve up big tasty dinners. We have been working on cutting straight lines this week and have been having lots of fun playing with our eco house.

We learned all about the sounds "p" and "n" and so we have finished our first set of jolly phonics sounds. We will spend some time revising this set next week. In math we have been making sets, and learning about objects that match, and objects that go together.

We have sang lots of songs about being "Ar Scoil" and are using more and more Gaeilge in class every day while we learn about our mála scoile (school bag) bosca lóin (lunch box) and all the other wonderful things in our classroom.

We are looking forward to well-being week next week and getting stuck into all the fun games and activities :)

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